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Seeking a Concise Answer to "Why DCP"?


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    @dblanch256 your post speaks to the need for an incentive. valueless DCC is not a reason to do this. We also need a bigger pool of Beta testers who run form home on consumer grade computers. As this is a browser based application that requires visual monitoring, manual updating, manual recovery from stall, manual restart and presence to manually login and start the application it doesn't attract the kind of server farms that boinc and gridcoin do.


    Offer us an incentive to run beta program by listing DCC on an exchange and open trading. 
    Suggestions: SouthXchange, Kracken, Bittrex (Bittrex is very strict on applications for verified status)

    Work with us on upgrading the GUI by creating and implementing options and features like:
    Buttons and text boxes and drop downs to configure and control Our computers for safety and multi-use
    like how manythreads to use, how much cpu time % per thread, when to start, when to stop, stop if % of 
    cpu is too high, stop and warn if temperature exceeds limit., etc.

    smart phones are an issue too, the chrome or browser app is hard set in most phones to sleep when the screen turns off.
    the browser cannot be set to the permissions required to make the application useful on a phone.
    a full bore "mobile app" is probably not required, more likely a "light" version.

    Although some might feel they like the pretty green ribbons expanding across their screens, it is in fact, not necessary.
    An option to hide them would not be out of place if there was button to re-enable the view.

    Here is an idea, rough as it is:

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