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DCP on Mobile .... could we have an app?



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    I ran CoinHive on my iPad and the hash rate was very low. I imagine these smartphones with latest OS are designed to conserve power and battery life. The other issue is that iOS use custom ARM chips that aren't directly compatible with the ARM processors used for Android. So, a mobile app may have to be written for Android ARM platform and then different code for iOS ARM. Seems like a huge effort to build and maintain... Or we could just have the web browser. I'd take a guess that most people are using desktop or laptop on the x86 or x86_64 platform (Intel/AMD) and Windows 7/10. So, the lowest hanging fruit is likely that combo while everything else is a lot of effort without a lot of gain.

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    an app that more or less just loads the webpage/miner while having elevated permissions would alleviate the power management problem. guess we have to wait and see.

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