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    I would probably suggest that a quick start (web and/or video with screenshots showing what you need to do) should be created as newbies and/or non-technical people may find the wallet setup and mining process setup a little involved.

    (Although the update that was done that auto-connects the wallet/keystore to the miner is a god-send and has made the process *much better and simpler)

    If I remember rightly (from the top of my head), to get everything setup and mining (processing data), just do the following:

    1) sign in at https://portal.distributed.computer/

    2) create a wallet (enter a password and wallet name)

    2) click on DCC_wallet (to expand menu)

    3) unlock wallet

    4) save wallet to cloud

    5) click 'miner' menu option from top of portal page eg go to miner page

    6) click 'start'

    7) choose the name you just gave your wallet for the 'keystore'

    8) click continue

    9) enter password

    10) miner page should now start mining (after downloading new tasks)


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